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Siddha medicine employs a variety of herbs and minerals, many of which were developed in the ancient past under advanced scientific techniques, even by today's standards. The development of medicine has been a continuous process in Asia although it has always taken a more natural approach to healing than western medicine. Siddha medicine, being one of the world’s most complex and intricate forms of medicine, is on the verge of being lost due to change, and Thanuology may be lost altogether.

Many chronic diseases, considered incurable in western medicine, can be treated successfully with Siddha medicine. Most medicines are for the most part natural and processed in such a way as to be readily absorbed within each cell in the body, giving it proper nourishment to sustain a long and healthy life. Healthy cells within the body can reproduce new cells that are just as healthy, thus slowing the process of aging from the inside out. Some Siddha medical treatments claim that certain medicines are effective enough at this to be able to arrest aging altogether. Western medicine attempts to slow aging from the outside in with anti-wrinkle creams and skin surgery.

Modern medicine could benefit from some of the hidden treasures in Siddha medicine if less importance was put on having a patent for their drugs than having an actual cure.

The western medical techniques are, for the most part, too expensive for the average Indian citizen to use, so generally they seek the services of a Siddha physician or other holistic practitioner. Basic natural laws prevent the Siddha physician from gaining material wealth from the profession, so many charge only a minimal amount if any for their services. As mentioned earlier this as an ancient science which is in danger of being lost without the assistance of dedicated students and the resources of others who can afford giving to help continue this science which is given for the benefit of humankind.


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Thanu Foundation, Madras – 600 102 was founded in the year 1968 with the object of up-holding the cause of Siddha Medical Sciences. It's founder is Prof.Dr.S.Chidambara thanu Pillai.

Thanu Foundation has been registered with No.745 of 1989 under Trust Act and is managed by a Trust of seven Directors.

It has the following wings :

΅ Siddha Medical Literature Research Centre, Chennai – 600 102, which conducts correspondence Diploma Course in Siddha System of Medicine in Tamil and English. So far it has produced about 1800 persons so as to enable the heredictary Siddha Medical Practitioners and Patrons of Siddha Medicine to Practise Siddha Medicine meaningfully.

΅ Siddha Medical Literature Centre Alumni Association, Chennai – 600 102, has enlisted the diploma holders to become its life members. Its function is to promote the professional skill of its members and also get them registered with Government of Tamil Nadu as and when government calls for applications for registration.

΅ Siddha Maguda Laboratories produces medicines to meet the needs of the DSM Diploma holders who have since become life members to it and public.

΅ International Institute of Thanuology, Chennai – 600 102 has been imparting Course in Thanuology (Varmam) since 1988.

(a) Two years Diploma in Thanuology (Varmam) in Tamil and English leading to Th.D.

(b) Two years Diploma in Indian Sports Medicine (DISM) in English

(c) It also conducts workshops periodically on Thanuology for the students to get practical training in Thanuology. So far more than 500 members have been exposed to such training.

(d) One year Diploma, leading to FIIOT (Fellow of the International Institute of Thanuology) to enable Th.D. holders to acquire Master knowledge in Varmam.

΅ International Institute of Inventory Management conducts a two years Diploma Course in Inventory Management in English. Plans are on its way to publish more than 20 books on Inventory Management.

΅ Siddha Maguda Prasuram, Chennai – 600 102 produces books on Siddha Medicine, in Tamil and English, and on Thanuology (Varmam) in Tamil and English.

΅ "Siddha System of Life", an international English quarterly magazine, published to spread the gospel of Siddha Medical Sciences, Hindu philosophy and other subjects depicting cultural heritage of India.

΅ Thanulogical Society is another wing of Thanu Foundation to protect Man kind from the Physical and Mental impacts.

Thanu Foundation has constituted an International Open Academy for Siddha Medical Sciences, to start institutes abroad to impart Siddha Medical Sciences, hospitals to render medical services and pharmaceuticals to produce medicines for the needs of the people of the world.

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