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Ours is a charitable society registered in 1998 under Tamil Nadu Societies Act, with a noble cause for treating victims who suffer from impact ailments, mainly arising from accidents.The Varman, is a branch of Siddha Medical System dealing with extensive treatment to ailments caused to  nerve center of the body.

Due to the rapid strides of allround technological development, millions of people who are involved in serious and medium accidents are subjected to innumerable impact diseases. Infact, the cause for many such diseases is a blind area for the modern medical world. The Medical treatment given to accident victims is through as Varmam Medical Science deals with the entire range of impact ailments.

Being a master art of all martial arts. Varmam( Thanuology) has all techniques to treat victims of impacts to nerve centres. These impacts assume the shape of 968 diseases, including T.B., cancer, tumour, AIDS etc. 

Varmam is a neglected Medical Science. The victims of accident are exposed to many diseases. We have taken up the Research and Development of Varmam ( Thanuology). Since 1968 so as treat such victims and give relief.

Varmam has the credit of being apt Sports Medical Science. Our Sports person have promising future to win laurels, if their strength, stamina and physique are considerably improved by the application of the techniques of Varmam ( Thanuology).

Our Institute has a master plan to start s full fledged Institute to impart Graduate study in Varmam and also offer extensive treatment for all sort of impact ailments through a hundred bed hospital. The outlay of the project costs Rs. 5 crores / $. 1162790.

The Project of starting a comprehensive Medical Institute is no doubt an up-hill task.

Our Mission can be given a concrete shape, if persons, like you, who have sympathy towards human suffering, come forward to extend their generous contributions to enable us to acquire land, construct buildings and administrate the Institution.

We solicit your generous and valuable donation to the following address to serve the ailing persons.

Ours is a Society. Your  valuable and precious contribution is exampted under Sec. 80G of Income Tax.

For Donation above Rs 10,000 / $250 / £150  we send Quarterly Magazine “ Siddha System of life”  for two years free of cost to Donors.

Indian Institute of Siddha Medical Sciences
E-32, Anna Nagar( East), Chennai-600 102.

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